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Power Purchase Agreement Reference Price

Using forward-looking methodologies, we provide indicative market prices for PPAs, helping stakeholders understand prevailing market conditions

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Market Benchmarking

Offers a reliable benchmark for evaluating Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) offers. By providing reference prices based on current market conditions, stakeholders can compare their PPA offers against these benchmarks to identify trends and assess the value proposition of different PPAs

Risk Management

Helps in assessing and managing price risks. By understanding the market conditions and price fluctuations, stakeholders can develop strategies to mitigate risks

Informed Decisions

Aids investors and developers in making data-driven decisions. This information is crucial for making strategic decisions regarding project development, investment opportunities, and contract negotiations

Revenue Forecasting

Assists in projecting potential revenues from renewable energy projects. This is vital for financial planning, securing financing, and ensuring the economic viability of projects

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